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Vengeance In The Scarlet Letter And The free essay sample

Crucible Essay, Research Paper Vengeance is a corrupter of both individuals and societies. When a society is based on faith, it will happen retribution on its offenders or castawaies in a manner that is justified by its credo. Societies such as this will besides destruct or deeply hurt the people that their retribution is directed toward. Furthermore, when a individual lives in a society that is based on faith and wants to happen an mercantile establishment for feelings of hate or green-eyed monster, he will happen an mercantile establishment that can warrant his actions. A individual such as this can besides pervert his society and others around him. The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter are helpful novels in showing this because they are both set in communities of devout religion, and each shows corruptness through retribution. A more in-depth illustration of retribution impacting a society is provided in The Scarlet Letter. This retaliation consists in printing the evildoer # 8217 ; s shame by public confession and physical stigmatization. Hester is first forced to stand in forepart of the town to bear her shame. She is so made to wear the vermilion? A? for the remainder of her life. The people of this puritan colony take obvious pleasance in watching her humiliation, and the dish the dirting adult females that speak as Hester foremost leaves the gaol show this. ? It would be greatly for the public behoof, if we adult females, being of mature age and church-members in good reputation, should hold the handling of such malefactresses as this Hester Prynne? ? ( Hawthorne 48 ) . They find obvious justification of this righteous and vindictive sentiment in their faith. The chitchats non merely turn out this, but besides reflect how eager this society is to penalize people. Such retribution that is found in societies has a annihilating consequence on the persons to whom it is directed ; Hester shortly loses all of her feminine appeal and enthusiasm for life. In an observation of individuals in the same spiritual societies, one may happen that the same speculation can use. The call of witchery started in The Crucible by a group of immature misss that simply wished non to be punished. When hysteria spread like wildfire, it shortly became clear that people could shout witchcraft on others they were covetous of or who had wronged them in the yesteryear. They could acquire off with this signifier of retaliation, excessively, because they could warrant it both in their ain eyes and in society? s ; it would look that they were making the universe a favour by fring it of the Satan? s instrument, and they could take comfort in this by converting themselves that it was true. The acrimonious Ann Putnam, married woman of Thomas in The Crucible, is a dramatic illustration. She gave birth to eight kids and merely one survived, but Rebecca Nurse had legion and healthy kids as good as many grandchildren. Ann Putnam was covetous because of this and took much pleasance when Goody Nurse was condemned as a enchantress under the charge of slaying Ann? s seven babes with her spirit. Abigail of this novel besides used faith as a frailty for her retribution. She hoped to hold John Proctor? s married woman, who had cast Abigail out of her house, condemned of witchery so that she could go on her matter with him. Abigail justifies impeaching Elizabeth by feeding off of what Salem had depicted the kid as being ; a holy spirit sent to present them from immorality. John Proctor sees through this pretense, and notes: ? I? ll Tell you what? s walking Salem- retribution is walking Salem. We are what we ever were in Salem, but now? common retribution writes the jurisprudence! ? ( Miller 77 ) . Because of these vindictive persons, the full community of Salem was disturbed. To take characters of The Scarlet Letter into consideration, Roger Chillingworth, former hubby of Hester, serves as an first-class illustration of how retribution corrupts people. His manner of accomplishing the perfect retaliation is non immediate or physical injury to Reverend Dimmesdale but instead a slow and fallacious procedure. Chillingworth feels that the existent torment of wickedness is non in its committee or in alleviating it publically, but instead life in apprehension that it should be discovered. He spends seven old ages in secret goading the priest and interrupting him down. In the terminal, Chillingworth is perceived as a destroyed and evil adult male. He spent so much clip concentrating on the impairing of another that he was corrupted both morally and emotionally. Vengeance is proven to be an dismaying and catastrophic thing throughout these two novels, The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible. Its effects can be shown both on a whole society and on a individual individual. The retribution sought by piously spiritual individuals or societies tends to be disguised as righteous or even necessary, and amendss other citizens every bit good as the whole of the society. It would be sound advice to detect and analyze these effects and avoid going victims of retribution for enviousness and personal addition in one? s society today. 368

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6 Dimensions of Health Essay examples

6 Dimensions of Health Essay examples 6 Dimensions of Health Essay examples Associate Level Material Six Dimensions of Health Worksheet Part 1 For each of the following six dimensions of health, list at least one characteristic, activity, belief, or attitude that reflects that dimension in your life. Provide a brief explanation with each example. Refer to Ch. 1 in the text for explanations of these dimensions. Physical health: I walk on average about 5-10 miles each day, every since I was a teenager I think I like walking just as much for health benefits and relaxation as well. Social health: Being able to be around different groups of people and interact. For example like the first day of school most kids are nervous to open up but I’m the type to always start off the conversations. Intellectual health: Intellectual health starts as a child when we learn right from wrong. Peer pressure is a big example intellectual health, sometimes we tend to do things because of the people we may be around. Environmental health: I ensure my part of environmental health by not littering for one. I use recycled materials that don’t harm full to our environment. Emotional health: My emotional health can always use some working on, I say this because grew up with certain events that created an emotional wall. Sometimes I take things the wrong way and can blow up quick. Spiritual health: I don’t read and participate in religion like I used to due to a couple bad experiences I have had. But I know there is only one Lord and savior. Part 2 In approximately 125 to 200 words, describe health and wellness in your own words using the ideas and concepts for each of the six dimensions of health. The way I look at my health and wellness as whole and not just a select few of the six dimensions but every dimension in which

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Learn More About Georg Ohm and Ohms Law

Learn More About Georg Ohm and Ohm's Law Georg Simon Ohm was born in 1787 in Erlangen, Germany. Ohm came from a Protestant family. His father, Johann Wolfgang Ohm, was a locksmith and his mother, Maria Elizabeth Beck, was the daughter of a tailor. Had Ohms brothers and sisters all survived he would have been one of a large family but, as was common back then, several of the children died young. Only two of Georgs siblings survived, his brother  Martin  who went on to become a well-known mathematician, and his sister Elizabeth Barbara. Although his parents had not been formally educated, Ohms father was a remarkable man who had educated himself and was able to give his sons an excellent education through his own teachings. Education and Early Work In 1805, Ohm entered the University of Erlangen and received a doctorate  and immediately joined the staff as a mathematics lecturer. After three semesters, Ohm gave up his university post. He could not see how he could attain a better status at Erlangen as prospects there were poor while he essentially lived in poverty in the lecturing post. The Bavarian government offered him a post as a teacher of mathematics and physics at a poor quality school in Bamberg and he took up the post there in January 1813. Ohm  wrote an elementary geometry book while teaching mathematics at several schools. Ohm began experimental work in a school physics laboratory after he had learned of the discovery of electromagnetism in 1820. In two important papers in 1826, Ohm gave a mathematical description of conduction in circuits modeled on Fouriers study of heat conduction. These papers continue Ohms deduction of results from experimental evidence and, particularly in the second, he was able to propose laws which went a long way to explaining results of others working on galvanic electricity. Ohm's Law Using the results of his experiments, Ohm was able to define the fundamental relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. What is now known  as Ohms law appeared in his most famous work, a book published in 1827 that gave his complete theory of  electricity. The equation I V/R is known as Ohm’s Law. It states that the amount of steady current through a material is directly proportional to the voltage across the material divided by the electrical resistance of the material. The ohm (R), a unit of electrical resistance, is equal to that of a conductor in which a current (I) of one ampere is produced by a potential of one volt (V) across its terminals. These fundamental relationships represent the true beginning of electrical circuit analysis. Current flows in an electric circuit in accordance with several definite laws. The basic law of current flow is Ohms law. Ohms law states that the amount of current flowing in a circuit made up of only resistors is related to the voltage on the circuit and the total resistance of the circuit. The law is usually expressed by the formula V IR (described in the above paragraph), where I is the current in amperes, V is voltage (in volts), and R is the resistance in ohms. The ohm, a unit of electrical resistance, is equal to that of a conductor in which a current of one ampere is produced by a potential of one volt across its terminals.

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Community education project , Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Community education project , - Essay Example According to surveys, children of Saudi Arabian descent residing in the United States have little or no mastery of their language, with numerous linguists expressing concerns that in a short while, none of the students and children from Saudi Arabia will be able to write or read their heritage tongue as the influence of the English language continues to overwhelm the Arabic language (Abu–Rabia, 2002). This community education project is heavily influenced by this escalating loss of meaning of the Arabic language especially amongst the children (students) of Saudi Arabian descent living in the United States. Furthermore, research demonstrates the various importance of being bilingual. Being bilingual has been linked in a plethora of different exploits with positive intellectual growth and indeed superior critical and creative thinking capacities. Bilingual persons are also more sensitive to different languages and have listening potentials that are higher than their counterparts who only have an understanding of one language (Ayari, 1996). Bilingualism therefore considerably improves one’s communication skills across various contexts and cultures, thereby creating in such persons a healthy sensitivity towards diversity (Campbell & Christian, 2003). Children who are bilingual have the chance of better understanding other cultures of the world, and are consequently more appreciative of the cultures of other people. Apart from these, learning a different language increases one’s chances of gaining employment in various regions of the globe. Being bilingual in this scenario therefore becomes a great asset in the contemporary competitive world (Valdà ©s, 2005). The Arabic language is a highly renowned and popular less commonly taught language (LCTL) in the United States and is fast metamorphosing into one of the most widely used languages world over. Realizing

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What are the motivations for migrationTo what extent has it become a Coursework

What are the motivations for migrationTo what extent has it become a social and economic issue - Coursework Example Migration simply refers to moving from one’s permanent residence or locality to some other area or region for permanent or long-term basis in order to lead a settled life in the new region and for establishing one’s socioeconomic activities as well. Hence, migration is viewed to be permanent change in residence. Migration involves the detachment from the organisation of activities at one place and the movement of the total round of activities to another. The contemporary age is vehemently declared as the age of technological revolution that has introduced rapid alterations in all aspects of everyday human life. These technological changes have also turned travelling very fast, swift and easier one; as a result, people proceed to pole-apart countries and states of the world in the pursuit of obtaining higher education, medical treatment, and business and job prospects. Since advanced and prosperous countries contain all these facilities to a great extent, these areas ser ve as dreamland for the inhabitants of backward zones of the globe. Consequently, an overwhelming proportion of the migration is generally made from the third world to the advanced countries including the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. History of Migration: Although it is a reality beyond suspicion that migration has witnessed significant boost during the contemporary era because of scientific advancements and inventions, yet it cannot not be viewed as the product of modern age. On the contrary, human history is replete with countless examples of people’s individual and collective moving from one place to the other on permanent foundations. The Prophets also migrated from their native land to some other in order to avoid their persecution at the hands of infidels. The Latin Americans and American islanders proceeded to North America for their financial uplift. The Armenian Christians also migrated from Turkey to the eastern European states before and during WWI to evade t he Turkish cruelties. In addition, the Jews also left their homes and workplaces in the Nazi Germany as they had been being persecuted under Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs migrated from one part of former united India to the other to join their community at the eve of the partition of India held in August 1947. Partition of India put the lives of conflicting sects at stake, and Hindus and Muslims flew to newly established states of India and Pakistan respectively, during the course of which hundreds of them lost their lives, while girls and women were raped and molested.† (1999, p.651) Major Reasons behind getting migrated: Religious reasons: It has aptly been observed that the individuals belonging to all parts and regions of the globe at large have got involved into migration; several reasons have played their role in forcing humans to leave their permanent dwelling for good. Religious factors play dominant role in the migration process. Thus, it was actually religious belief that forced the holy personalities including Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Mary, Jesus, Muhammad (peace be upon them all) to leave their native lands forever and settle down to some peaceful and more favourable place. In addition, saints, pious men and even followers of some specific faith had migrated from their homes in order to save their life, honour and assets. Ethno-Racial Factors: Race and ethnicity of the people is also among the major factors behind migration. Several states of the USA display least tolerance for the black, white and other races, which force the people move to some place where their racial group is in majority. Colonial era also displays the examples of migration, when the Jews migrated from Russia during nineteenth and twentieth centuries from Europe to America and Asia. The Africans got involved into forced and involuntary migration during the Europeans’ scramble for Africa. The White Anglo Saxon Population (WASP) vehemently discourages the

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Define and explain Orientalism Essay Example for Free

Define and explain Orientalism Essay Europeans used the term Orient to describe the peoples and places of Asia and the Middle East. While widely accepted prior to the late twentieth century, this term has aroused criticism among historians. The purpose of this essay is too define and explain Orientalism, and how the term Orientalist applies to Christian missionaries in the Far East. Two main examples of these missionaries are Matteo Ricci and Francis Xavier who served in China and Japan respectively. Both of these missionaries fall under the definition of Orientalists as defined by Edward Said. Edward Said defines Orientalism in multiple parts; the first of which is the academic1. Academic Orientalism is the study of the Orient for the purpose of understanding and learning. Modern historians view the term Orient to be too vague for an area as large as Asia, but it is still widely used throughout the world. Academic Orientalism attempts to study and understand the Orient from afar. Professors of Chinese language who have never spoken with a Chinese person are a common example of this detached intellectualism. Often in 18th Century Europe the Orientalist would study and judge the Orient based on second hand knowledge and conjecture. This view of understanding the Orient better than the Oriental without living it leads into the second part of Orientalism2. The second part of Orientalism as defined by Said is the justification of subjugation. Europeans believed that due to their better understanding of the history of a culture, and their superior culture they needed to dominate other cultures in order to improve them. Arthur James Balfour, a member of the British parliament once said in reference to Egypt; We are in Egypt not merely for the sake of the Egyptians, though we are there for their sake; we are there also for the sake of Europe at large3. Balfour meant by this that British occupation of Egypt was necessary for the protection of the Egyptians and for the benefit of all Europe. Balfour and other Orientalist believed that they understood Egypt better than the Egyptians themselves, and for this reason governed Egypt for the benefit of Egypt. This form of justification was used throughout the Orient. China, India, Philippines and others were all subjugated on the justification of the white mans burden. The idea of the burden of th e white race to civilize inferior races was a key part of Orientalism.4 One of the main points of Orientalism is the division of humanity into us and them. The Occidental and the Oriental, East and West, these are divisions created by Europeans in order to dominate the other. By separating the peoples an Orientalist can justify the subjugation and forced change of other races. Saids overall point is that Orientalism was created by Europeans in order to justify the subjugation of the Orientals. Cultural and intellectual superiority and the separation of us and them led to three hundred years of European imperialism in the so called Orient.5 In order to understand how Orientalism affected Missionaries in China and Japan, one must first understand the Orientalists views of foreign religions. Most Orientalists were Christians and therefore believed all none Christians were destined for hell. This, oddly enough, even applied to pre-Christians such as Aristotle and Abraham. In Dantes Inferno both these men are in the first layer of Hell, even though Christianity did not exist during their lifetimes. So from this intolerant view one can see the basic attitude towards non-Christians. Muslims, Hindu and Buddhists were all considered heathen that needed the word of Jesus to save them from eternal damnation. The Churchs commission to preach the gospel of Christ to every creature also lays upon her the task of inviting all to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour and to join his Church through baptism.6 With this belief in mind Christian Missionaries went to the Orient to save the heathens and convert them to the one true faith, wheth er they wanted too or not.7 One of the earliest Christian Missionaries Father Matteo Ricci of the Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits, arrived in China in 1582 after a four month journey from Goa. He was a Roman Catholic priest who was trained the Rome in numerous subjects. The Jesuits were the most well educated order within the Catholic Church; for this reason they were particularly well suited for missionary work in Asia. The Jesuit tactic was too convert the social elites and then have their support in the conversion of the masses. This worked particularly well in Asia due to the strict social structures and relatively good education of the elites. Also the widespread belief in Confucianism fit well with Christianity. Ricci said in his work The True Idea of God, the Confucian Classics contained allusions, albeit in an inchoate manner, to such Christian notions as God and a future life.8 Well educated bureaucrats in China respected Riccis education and intelligence, and were interested in the Western ideas he possessed9. Techniques such as Riccis Memory Palace interested the Chinese and often spawned further interest into the religion Ricci brought with him.10 Riccis view of the Chinese is full of contradictions. Many aspects of Chinese culture and government Ricci respected, such as their dress and level of education; the hygiene of the people and the relative order imposed by the Chinese bureaucracy11. At the same time that Ricci praised aspects of Chinese civilization, he abhorred a great deal of Chinese practices. Among these are the corruption rampant throughout China, the worship of heathen religions and their disrespect for human life. Ricci once remarked This country is full of slaves. 12 Most importantly Ricci despised the widespread homosexuality within China13. There are two main reasons for describing Ricci as an Orientalist. The first is his reason for being in China. Ricci sought to convert all of China to Catholicism. He cared little for the established religions in China and sought to impose his Christian faith upon the peoples of China. Ricci once remarked Buddhism violated the very first of the Ten Commandments, and it had not raised moral standards in China despite its two thousand years during which it had been preached.14 Viewing his own faith as superior to any other and being so disdainful of all others, Ricci can be labeled an Orientalist. The second reason for labeling Ricci an Orientalist is his general disdain for all things Chinese. While he may admire certain attributes he generally views everything Western superior; for example his disgust with open prostitution in the streets of major Chinese cities. Ricci completely glosses over the fact that prostitution was legal within Rome itself. In fact prostitution within Rome was widespread. Montaigne on visiting Rome remarked, Taking coach rides or strolling to view the prostitutes was a major Roman pastime.15 In his criticism of homosexuality, Ricci also ignores the previous acceptance of homosexuality in Europe. Montaigne remarked during his visit too Rome, several marriages between Portuguese males had been celebrated in the church of St. John a few years before, and that the couples had went to bed and lived together for some time before being arrested and burned at the stake.16 This method of criticizing China while ignoring the fact that the same problems existed within Europe labels Ricci as an Orientalist. Ricci had additional goals beyond simply the conversion of the Chinese. Along with the conversion to Christianity Ricci hope to rebuild China along European lines. Ricci spent a great deal of time extolling the virtues of European civilization, and purity of the Catholic faith17. Ricci hoped to rid China of corruption, create a perfect Christian society, and cleanse China of heathen practices such as abstaining from meat year round and homosexuality18. These goals of changing Chinese society certainly label Ricci to be an Orientalist. Father Francis Xavier of the Society of Jesus arrived in Japan in 1549 aboard a Chinese junk. Xavier had many initial difficulties in Japan; the first of which being his inability to speak Japanese, and later to understand it. His interpreter caused Xavier many troubles later on due to his using Buddhist names for Christian figures, and forever linking Buddhism to Christianity in the minds of the Japanese19. The other difficulty for Xavier was his misunderstanding of Japanese society. When Xavier first arrived he hoped to convert the king of Japan, by this he meant the Shogun20. But when Xavier met the Shogun he found him to be a man of little importance who could barely maintain his own territory, let alone the whole country. Japan was in the period of sengoku, or country at war, and was divided among many feudal lords all vying for power. This state of civil war later benefited the Christian missionaries greatly, but initially confused Xavier21. Xavier spent the majority of his time in Japan attempting to convert Japanese daimyo and kokujin to Christianity. He succeeded in a few cases largely due to his link with Portuguese trade ships. Daimyo within Japan were looking for a way to gain advantage over their enemies, and trade with the Portuguese greatly enriched many lords. The Japanese believed that converting to Christianity would give them more favorable trade with the Portuguese, and for this reason many converted22. Xavier can be labeled an Orientalist for two main reasons. The first is his overall goal of converting the heathen Japanese to Christianity. His total disdain for Buddhism is apparent when he refers to the religion of Dianichi, an invention of the devil, as also were all the other sects of Japan.23 The second reason for labeling Xavier an Orientalist is for his views on homosexuality. Riccis beliefs on homosexuality among Asians stem from Xavier. When Xavier was the head of the Far East mission he declared that homosexuality was an evil to be combated in Asia24. For these reasons Xavier is clearly an Orientalist the same as Ricci. For all of their efforts to convert the peoples of China and Japan, neither Ricci nor Xavier succeeded in any significant way. The problems in China were numerous; deep seated beliefs in Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism kept many from converting, also the lack of interest by the elite made any type of wide scale conversion impossible. In addition the basic fear of outsiders made the Chinese distrustful and angry towards the Christian missionaries25. In Japan the eventual consolidation of Japan under the Tokugawa shogunate forced all Christians too abandon their faith. The Tokugawa did not want any opposition to their regime and barred any foreigners from entering Japan. Also deep seated religious beliefs and xenophobia as in China caused few too embrace Christianity. Neither Ricci nor Xavier succeeded in their goal of converting the Far East; the task they committed their lives too. One must wonder; if they had taken a more open, non Orientalist approach, would they have been more successful? 1 Said, Edward W. Orientalism. (New York: First Vintage Books Edition, October 1979.), 2. 2 Ibid, 3. 3 Ibid, 33. 4 Ibid, 33-36. 5 Ibid, 83. 6 Manikam, Rajah B. Christianity and the Asian Revolution. (New York: Friendship Press, 1954) 185. 7 Spence, 73-75. 8 Ching, Julia. Confucianism and Christianity. (Tokyo: Kodansha International, 1977) 10. 9 Hellyer, Robert. Lecture. The Jesuits in Asia. Allegheny College. Meadville, Pa. 11 February 2002. 10 Spence, Jonathan D. The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci. (New York: Penguin Books, 1985.) 2-5 11 Ibid, 210. 12 Ibid, 219. 13 Ibid, 224. 14 Ibid, 252. 15 Ibid, 208. 16 Ibid, 226. 17 Ibid, 2-5. 18 Ibid, 217. 19 Elisonas, Christianity and the Daimyo, (Cambridge History of Japan, volume 4, 301-372.) 307-310. 20 Ibid, 311. 21 Ibid, 312. 22 Ibid, 323. 23 Ibid, 309. 24 Spence, 224.

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Honor Killings :: Violence Death Murder Honor Women Essays

Honor Killings Human rights violations against women have, for too long, been denied the attention and concern of international organizations, national governments, traditional human rights groups and the press. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of girls and women around the world continue to endure debilitating and often fatal human rights abuses. These are only a few instances of abuse which occur every single day all around the world. Human rights violations against women must be documented, publicized and stopped. ï‚ · Brazil: A man who confessed to stabbing his wife and her lover to death is for the second time acquitted of murder by an all-male jury. The acquittal is based on the argument that he acted in legitimate defense of his wronged honor. ï‚ · India: A 10-year-old girl is rescued by a flight attendant who noticed her crying. Her father has sold her to the 60-year-old man sitting next to her for the equivalent of $240US. ï‚ · Ireland: A 14-year-old girl, raped by her best friend’s father, learns she is pregnant. She is prohibited from travelling to England where abortion is legal. Only when she indicates she will commit suicide if forced to carry the pregnancy to term does the Supreme Court allow her to proceed. ï‚ · Kenya: At a boarding school, 300 boys attack the girls’ dormitory. Seventy-one girls are raped. Nineteen are trampled to death in the stampede to escape. The school’s vice principal remarks, â€Å"The boys never meant any harm against the girls. They just wanted to rape.† ï‚ · United States: A 51-year-old woman is stabbed 19 times and killed by her former boyfriend as she waits inside a courthouse to extend an order of protection. Twice before he had been charged with harassment. Both times the charges were dropped by the courts. ( One of the most horrific acts of abuse towards women is known as honor killings. In various countries throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East and parts of South Asia, women who bring dishonor to their families because of sexual indiscretions or even rape are forced to pay a terrible price at the hands of male family members. This brutal act is most commonly found among the Islamic cultures. They use their religion as an excuse for their animalistic, indecent behavior. However, Islam recognizes and celebrates the inherent dignity bestowed by God upon all human beings regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or religion. The Koran, the Muslim holy book, is explicit in its emphasis on the equality of women and men before God.

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Communication Modes

Communication There are other types of communication that are beyond the four basic types: face-to-face communication, spoken communications that is transmitted electronically, personally addressed written communication, and impersonal written communication. There is also visual communication. Visual communication is visual display of information, like maps, photos, signs, symbols and designs. Television and video clips are the electronic form of visual communication.An employee that has performed in an outstanding, above-the-call manner would be given a face to face meeting, which may include a company-wide email or a public presentation to show appreciation. Face to face communication will project the sincerity and honesty of the employee’s hard work. They will be able to visualize the verbal and non-verbal cues of the manager. The public presentation of appreciation would also show other employees how hard work is rewarded in the workplace, and be a motivator for high produ ction; including a more cohesive feeling of teamwork throughout the company.The use of a company-wide email would allow other employees to see that hard work can be rewarded by public recognition. In order to capture the attention of the employees receiving the email the salutation of â€Å"Dear Company XYZ Team Member,† to give it a more personal and endearing feel. The most effective method to communicate a new policy on the use of cell phones would be impersonal written communication. The down-side of using this type of communication is that since it is not personally addressed to the receiver they may not read the email.If the employee does not read the email and is in violation of the new cell phone policy; it is ultimately the employees’ responsibility to stay current on new policies and procedures instituted within the company. In the event that an employee is found violating the new policy a face-to-face meeting would occur. This would include at the least a ve rbal reprimand or according to company policies the level of reprimand that is required. An employee that is repeatedly late for work always requires a face-to-face eeting. There is no other form of communication that is effective in this situation. The employee must be able to see the verbal and non-verbal cues of the manager conveying the seriousness of the employee’s employment. The manager should find out what is the root cause of the employee’s non-compliance with the attendance policy. The employee could be having timing issues with a babysitter; the employee could be oversleeping due to a second job, or not leaving home in time to allow for potential traffic issues.The manager would be required to reprimand the employee according to company policy, which could be an oral warning up to and including termination, depending on the magnitude of the attendance policy violation. An employee that has a child that has been injured should always communicate face-to-face. The manager should go to the employee’s workspace and ask him/her to come with them to their office or other private space.This cannot be communicated over the phone; even if the manager is off-site they should call and appoint another member of the management team to convey the message to this employee. References Batson, T. R. , & Neff, B. J. (2007). Business ethics: Sunday ethics — Monday world. Marion, Ind. : Triangle Publishing. R, A. (n. d. ). Four Types of Communication. Buzzle. Retrieved October 28, 2012, from http://www. buzzle. com/articles/four-types-of-communication. html

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Script For Presentation

Script for presentation Introduce yourself and say what you are going to talk about How long the presentation will last and when questions can be asked Why this product? The new product I have designed for Catbird is called Caramel Bites. The reason have decided to create this product is because†¦ The results to my questionnaire showed that most people prefer Caramel as their chocolate filling which means that they are most likely going to buy the product.They also preferred milk chocolate over white or dark which is why the product is milk chocolate, this way the product is most likely going to make more sales if t is up to the customers liking. Most people preferred not to have more than one filling. They preferred just caramel Packaging Bite size, in a packet- people preferred them in a packet because they can be eaten bit by bit and last longer.Branding- It will be branded by Catbird as a confectionery snack Competitors Competitors are Galaxy and Mars. The reason for this is †¦ Galaxy have their product Minstrels and Mars and Maltese They are similar because they are both bite sized and in a small packet The product itself is different because they are a bite sized caramel snack which no other product has. Pricing app a packet Reasons for this price because.. Competitive price with similar products. E. G.Maltese Special offers- 2 for a pound which would introduce customers to the product Evidence of primary and secondary research primary- Questionnaires, asking people what they prefer Secondary- collecting data from the internet to see where the product fits in with its competitors in terms of Price and Brand. How does the price link to the target market? Target market is used to paying this price- it is the expected price place Where will the product be available? College shops and local stores, because according to my questionnaire..Most people purchase their chocolates from their local stores and shops inside college Primary research- Used when collected the information from my questionnaire. Secondary research- Going on the internet and finding out where my target audience purchases their chocolates from. Distribution channel The distribution channel used will be selling through retailers. (Producer- Retailer- Consumer) Where will the product be located? Front of the store: It is more convenient for new products to be at the front of the store Helps to promote it and they are more likely to catch the customers eye. How it fits the target market?Product is being sold where the target market shops for their chocolates. Promotion Where the product is promoted? Television, Magazines, Radio, Social Network. What sales promotions? Guy 1 get 1 free (BEFOG), Multi buy (3 for a pound). Primary research showed that the target audience will buy products from app-E, so if it was on promotion they would go for the offer. Secondary research is shown in other stores when promotional offers are on, therefore the consumer will buy them. H ow does it fit with target market? If a product is on promotion, e. G. Multi buy, the customer will go for the promotion because it is cheaper.Advertising the product Will be advertised on TV, Magazines, Social Network, Billboards, Transport (Buses) etc. Another form of advertising is word of mouth. When will you advertise? Drive times- morning (when people are driving to work, school etc) Evening- coming home from work. During popular n. † show breaks. Conclusion Product- Caramel Bites in a packet because most people preferred caramel filling and chocolates in packets. Price- app because it makes it competitive with other products that are already on the market. Place- Local store and college shops because this is where the target audience purchases their housecoats.Promotion- Buy 1 get 1 free and multi buys to increase interest in the new product. Why will it succeed? The product has been priced competitively Marketed/promoted properly to the right audience Sold in the most profitable places (local stores and college shops) It tastes good, so people will spread it from word of mouth. How would you grow the products market share? Expand the target audience (make it appropriate for other consumers). Such as- expanding the packaging (treat bag size and fun size) That's the end of my presentation, thank you for listening. If there are any questions please feel free to ask.

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Sexual Harassment and Internet Misuse on the Job essays

Sexual Harassment and Internet Misuse on the Job essays In the workplace there are two issues that are faced everyday that are costing the company tons of money as well as employees. These issues are sexual harassment and misuse of the internet while on the job. Companies have to intervene with these problems, by creating policies and restrictions. Despite widespread publicity about the risk of sexual harassment, surveys demonstrate that many businesses operating in the United States have yet to address the problem. Moreover, recent news reports indicate that sexual harassment has reached the highest levels of management. Although businesses know it exists, they appear unsure of what to do about it. As a result, the specter of employer liability for sexual harassment continues to loom over the workplace. Failure to adopt a pro-active and aggressive stance on this issue, how ever, can result not only in costly lawsuits, but also in a loss of employee morale, decline in productivity, and an erosion of a company's public image. That businesses are still taking chances may reflect a failure to adequately consider the risks. This may prove costly because these risks have substantially increased in recent years. In 1991, Congress amended Title VII to permit victims of sexual harassment to recover damages (including punitive damages) under federal law. Moreover, in 1993 the U.S. Supreme Court broadened the reach of this law by making it easier to prove injury. As a result, sexual harassment in the workplace presents a clear and present danger to businesses. They must now act or face increasing risk of liability. According to the Civil Rights Act the US states that Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title VII applies to employers with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments. It also applies to employment agencies and to labor organizations, as well as to the federal government. Unwelcome sexual ad...

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List of All U.S. Colleges with a Meteorology Major

You might think of meteorologists simply as the people who deliver the weather on TV, but in reality the field has a lot more to offer. In fact, only about 10% of meteorologists are on TV . Meteorology is the study of both short-term weather predictions and long-term climate processes. As climate change becomes an increasingly urgent issue, the need for skilled and educated meteorologists will only increase too. Many colleges offer a meteorology major. If you’re ready to learn about new technology, collect and interpret weather and climate data, and apply your math and science skills to a constantly changing field, meteorology may be a good choice for you. To learn more about applying to meteorology programs and which colleges in the U.S. offer a meteorology degree, keep reading. Like most STEM fields, meteorology is projected to have strong job growth and security over the next decade, with solid earning potential to match. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field will grow 12% by the year 2026, and notes that the median pay for a meteorologist in 2018 was $94,000. Generally, a student graduating with a degree in meteorology can expect to go straight to work. If you want to go into research, you’ll need to pursue a masters or PhD, but there is no shortage of jobs for meteorologists with a bachelor’s degree. In addition to becoming a weathercaster on TV, students with a degree in meteorology may also work for private companies in businesses like aviation, insurance, energy, or agriculture. Meteorologists can also become federal employees working for the National Weather Service, or similar agencies. If you’re interested in studying climate processes, how and why storms or other weather events occur, how to predict weather patterns, or how weather might influence specific areas or projects, meteorology is a good choice for you. Meteorology is a field of applied science and math, meaning that to be successful in it you’ll need to have knowledge in math and science, and you’ll need to know how to apply this knowledge to new and changing situations. STEM fields can be competitive, so thinking ahead and creating a strong applicant profile is a smart move. Here are some tips for getting started: Take Advanced STEM Classes. You’ll want to show that your academics are up to par for the STEM fields, and taking advanced classes is a simple way of doing this. Take AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and advanced classes in earth science and math. Some of your AP classes may even allow you to place out of required entry level prerequisites when you start your degree. Find a Weather-Related Extracurricular. Meteorology is a niche field so it can be easy to set yourself apart by pursuing it early in your high school career. Find an extracurricular that is related to weather of climate. This could be an independent science project that you progress to higher levels each year, a weather club, your own weather blog, or something else that you start from scratch. Showing that you have a long-term interest in this field can really set you apart from other applicants. Consider Getting Help From Someone Who’s Done It Before. Planning the track to college as a ninth or tenth grader is daunting and sometimes confusing. Three or four years is a long time, and there’s a lot that will change between now and then. Luckily, you don’t have to go into the process alone. ’s Early Advising Program pairs high school ninth and tenth graders with successful students from top-30 schools to provide current high schoolers with advice on everything from selecting classes and extracurriculars to setting and achieving long-term goals. Estimating your chance of getting into a college is not easy in today’s competitive environment. Thankfully, with our state-of-the-art software and data, we can analyze your academic and extracurricular profile and estimate your chances. Our profile analysis tool can also help you identify the improvement you need to make to enter your dream school. California University of Pennsylvania | Cal U Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Florida Institute of Technology | Florida Tech Millersville University of Pennsylvania | MU New Jersey Institute of Technology | NJIT Pennsylvania State University | PSU Rutgers University–New Brunswick | Rutgers State University of New York at Oneonta | SUNY Oneonta State University of New York at Oswego | SUNY Oswego The College at Brockport, State University of New York | SUNY Brockport The State University of New York at Albany | SUNY Albany United States Air Force Academy | Air Force University of Nebraska–Lincoln | UNL University of North Carolina at Charlotte | UNC Charlotte University of Tennessee at Martin | UTM University of the Incarnate Word | UIW Meteorology is a strong career choice with many options and lots of potential for growth. Graduates with a meteorology degree can find employment in many different sectors from federal jobs to private companies and even the entertainment industry. That being said, getting into the meteorology program of your dreams may not be easy, so it’s essential to make sure that you apply to schools that are a good fit for you. Take a careful look at admissions statistics and the freshman class profile to see how your academics and test scores stack up to those of admitted students. Also consider things like geographic location, student resources, cost, and class sizes. For more help, consider the Applications program , which exists to help you optimize your application and ensure that you’re supported through every step of the way. You can trust us to help you gain the tools you’ll need to attend your dream school.

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Article response Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response - Article Example These include the European Language Portfolio or ELP, American Lingua Folio, and Global Language Portfolio (GLP). The researchers on the portfolio assessment have been building on the work of Dewey (1933), which is titled, â€Å"We Thing: A restatement of relation of reflective thinking to education process.† He built basic premises, which are still evident in both ELP and GLP, and involves reflecting on and summarizing what has already done. The article provides an overview on how the EPs can be used to learn, teach and assess in the United States and Europe based on ELP, CEFR, GLP and American I.F. The EPs function is based on the national standards and ACTFL proficiency scale. There are several advantages that EPs has over paper based portfolio. The functionality of EPs allows the learner, teacher and program coordinator to track the progress of the program throughout the course duration. It allows the learner to share data with both the teacher and the institution. It improves motivation and evaluation of learners’ outcomes. Through the cooperation of scholars from Europe, North America and other parts the world, the effectiveness of EPs for language acquisition will be realized. As the transatlantic partnership grows and higher learning institutions do joint programs, the three-part EPs will be a common technology in Europe and North America. Advancement in technology will facilitate information sharing among international institutions and their joint programs. The Electronic Portfolio (EP) is a digitized collection of artifacts, which include demonstrations, resources and accomplishments representing an individual, group, organization, institution or community. According to Lorenzo & Ittelson (2005, p. 2), these collections can comprise of text-based documents, graphics, and multimedia features archived on websites or other electronic media such as CD-ROM or DVD. The above features make Electronic Portfolio to be the best in